Le previsioni di Kaspersky Lab per il 2018

In 2017, sophisticated threat actors continued to make the headlines with audacious politically motivated attacks and thefts. But this year, such events had to share the media limelight with a different kind of threat, targeting businesses of all sizes and spreading at breath-taking speed. Any gaps in network security, software patching, or employee awareness were ruthlessly exposed in the wave of destructive ransomware attacks of May and June,
and more. The ultimate cost for some enterprises has run into hundreds of millions of dollars. To reflect the growing need for enterprises to understand and prepare for the cyberthreats facing their sector, the Kaspersky Security Bulletin Predictions for 2018 includes not just the major targeted threat predictions prepared by the Global Research and Analysis Team, but a new section on industry and technology threat predictions.
All predictions are grounded in the research and experience gathered by Kaspersky Lab’s experts over the course of 2017. They are our best estimate of what lies ahead, based on what we know now – and we hope that they will provoke thought, build awareness and drive action.

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