Mind the Gap

“Mind the Gap” is the Prof. Annita Sciacovelli platform provided by Cybersecurity Italia to help fill the cybersecurity knowledge gap of Experts and Business and the Government Sectors. As well as to discuss and explore new horizons and develop new knowledge.

“Mind the Gap” will deal with the full spectrum of issues related to cyberspace including Cybersecurity Strategy in the national as well as in the corporate level; Cyberthreats landscape and assessment, International and EU law and juridical aspects; Operational issues of risk management and cyber crisis management; And capacity building for the National, Government and Private sector. It will aim to support national public agencies and private companies in applying international and European norms and States best practices to better prevent, respond and mitigate from cyber-attacks.

The views presented in “Mind the Gap” come from Annita’s views and experience as an international law expert and as a cybersecurity specialist.


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