La guida completa per costruire una cultura di sicurezza


New approaches are required to navigate these challenges. Information security can no longer be just a tactical loss-avoidance function. It must be about enabling business objectives and strategies, and keeping cyber risk at manageable levels, while also dealing with the realities of a severe and deepening skills shortage. Never before has security culture mattered so much. Silos are dead. The security attitudes, values and practices of every employee across your organization – whether you’re a 20-person startup or a 50,000-person Fortune 500 – will be the ultimate definer of the success of your security program. We have prepared this e-book as a definitive way for you to identify the security challenges you must confront and the reasons why you need to engage with colleagues across your enterprise – and partners away from it – to help mitigate these challenges. Our hope is that when you’re done reading, you’ve learned three big things: 1. How to build two-way, lasting relationships with the rest of your organization and help grow the business. 2. How to transform security into an instinctual, reflexive practice for all of your employees, and 3. How external allies can help amplify and augment your internal security culture.

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