FTSE 350 Cyber Governance Health Check Report 2017

We want the UK to be the best and safest place to do business online. This means a dynamic business environment and world-class cyber security. The WannaCry and NotPetya attacks, which affected core public services and private companies at home and abroad, and other high-profile cyber incidents reinforce the need for effective cyber security as part of our digital economy. It is crucial businesses get cyber security right, and boards take ownership of cyber security as a part of core business. Since 2013, the Government has undertaken a regular survey of the UK’s top 350 companies, to understand how they are managing their cyber risks. The Health Check survey indicates how the leading businesses in the country are managing their cyber security, serving as an example for their peers and others within their sectors. As we publish the latest version of the Health Check, I am encouraged by the findings that indicate FTSE 350 businesses are now more aware of the importance of good cyber security.

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Fonte: HM Government

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