Cybersecurity Tecnology Efficacy

Cybersecurity is failing. Spend on cybersecurity is increasing every year (+58% over the past five years) , yet as the WEF has highlighted, business leaders still identify disruption from cyberattack as one of the top 5 growing risks in 2020 (and while the exact numbers are contestable, the direction is clear).

A major cause of this failure is that the technology
is not as effective as it needs to be, and this is the view shared by 90% of over 100 highly qualified research participants in this study. While there has been a strong focus on improving people and process related issues in recent years, – which are also undoubtedly contributors to cybersecurity failings – technology problems have in some way been accepted as inevitable and the norm.

As one Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) put it, “we buy it, and then we cross our fingers and hope the technology will work”. Trust in cybersecurity technology to deliver on its promise is low.

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