Cyber threat-scape report

The Cyber Threat-scape Report examines cyber-threat trends during the first half of 2017 and offers an overview of how those trends might unfold in the latter half of the year. This report should serve as a reference and strategic complement to Accenture Security iDefense’s daily intelligence reporting to provide IT security and business operations with actionable and relevant decision support. By informing IT security teams, business operations teams, and organization leadership about emerging trends and threats, the report helps those groups anticipate key cybersecurity developments for the coming year; and provides, where appropriate, solutions to help reduce organizations’ risk related to cybersecurity. The report relies on iDefense intelligence collection, research, and analysis as well as research using primary and secondary open-source material. Four key findings result from iDefense research into significant cyberthreat trends during the first half of 2017 in the areas of cyber espionage, financially motivated cyber crime, and hacktivism.

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Fonte: Accenture

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