Cyber-Security: Geo-Politics, Law and Policy

Di Amos N. Guior

Taylor and Francis inc editore

Data di pubblicazione: 2017

Pagine: 160

ISBN: 9781498729116

Prezzo: €102,00




This book examines the legal and policy aspects of cyber-security. It takes a much needed look at cyber-security from a geopolitical perspective. Through this lens, it seeks to broaden the reader’s understanding of the legal and political considerations of individuals, corporations, law enforcement and regulatory bodies and management of the complex relationships between them.

In drawing on interviews conducted with experts from a wide range of fields, the book presents the reader with dilemmas and paradigms that confront law makers, corporate leaders, law enforcement, and national leaders. The book is structured in a novel format by employing a series of vignettes which have been created as exercises intended to confront the reader with the dilemmas involved in cyber-security.

Through the use of vignettes, the work seeks to highlight the constant threat of cyber-security against various audiences, with the overall aim of facilitating discussion and reaction to actual probable events. In this sense, the book seeks to provide recommendations for best practices in response to the complex and numerous threats related to cyber-security. This book will be of interest to students of cyber-security, terrorism, international law, security studies and IR in general, as well as policy makers, professionals and law-enforcement officials.


Amos N. Guiora is an Israeli-American professor of law at S. J. Quinney College of Law, University of Utah, and an expert on cybersecurity and drone attacks.

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