Cyber DB: Security Orchestration, Automation and response (SOAR)

There are a number of threats to today’s complex information systems. An internal employee can download a single instance of ransomware and can have a significant impact on an organization. More complex attacks such as a network exploitation attempt or targeted data breach increases the chaos that a security incident causes. Having the ability to properly respond to security incidents in an orderly and efficient manner allows organizations to both limit the damage of a potential cyber-attack, but also recover from the associated damage that is caused. To facilitate this orderly response, organizations of all sizes have looked at adding an incident response capability to their existing policies and procedures. Enterprises are striving to keep up with the current threat landscape with too many manual processes, while struggling with a lack of resources, skills and budgets. Security and risk management leaders should determine which Cyber Incident Detection, Response and Threat Intelligence solution improve security operations efficiency, quality and efficacy.

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