Build pervasive cyber resilience now by Accenture (Eng)

Companies everywhere are betting on a wholesale shift to tech-enabled business and operating models that promise to deliver bottom-line savings and top-line growth. They are building an enterprise that is faster, smarter, leaner, and more responsive—what Accenture calls “rotating to the new.” This future business relies upon constant, intimate digital connections with suppliers, partners, and customers to stay relevant and competitive. It uses intelligent technologies and big data in all facets of business operations—from C-suite decision making to crafting custom offers for Internet shoppers in pursuit of profitable growth. It deploys autonomou machines and automated processes to simultaneously augment the workforce, raise productivity and decrease cost. When everything is digital, everything is at risk The connected, intelligent, and autonomous enterprise comes with additional cyber risk. All that sensitive data, connectivity, and automation multiplies the opportunities for hackers by expanding the “surface area” exposed to cyber attack. And, because digital systems are so embedded in daily operations, the potential damage from even a single security incident is magnified.

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